Automation Recording On A Single Row

Hello everyone

Noob question:

I’m trying to record automation of a renoise built-in filter using the mouse (right-click), but when I move it around, only a single row gets an automation value.
I wanted the values to be recorded along the song as it plays.

Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Many thanks.

beside the transport buttons is a button to enable pattern follow. i wonder if you have this button pressed? if you do the cursor should move through the song as it plays instead of sitting in one place.

even with pattern follow=on, it will still write right-mouse-button-automation to the pattern effect_column=1. you need to enable more effect_columns and have cursor on non-1-effect_columns to be able to record the rest. which i guess works for some, but not for everyone.


The “Follow” mode worked for me.
The automation is now recording (albeit a bit choppy, but that actually sounds good for what I want).

Thanks again

right, it’s a good idea to give recorded tweaks their own effects columns.

and also employ the inertia slider in the filter to get rid of the step effect (unless you want it… )that will be caused by this style of automation. you can even automate the inertia to swap from smooth tweaks to a sequenced step filter sound and back again. pretty neat!

Renoise = Always pleasantly surprising! :)