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when I am ‘surfing’ with the cursor (arrows up/down) through the lines in the pattern editor I am often checking the automation values of the current position. It would be efficient to have a small field showing the automation value of the given current line. Right now, if there is a point at all (not just interpolated curve between two points), I click to focus a point to show its value. This is time consuming. Is it possible to hover over points and have the value in a tooltip, at least. The mentioned field would be of greater value, of course, especially if it would also show interpolated values.

  1. just a hint for future development: the curve option is great, but right now quite inflexible. Not sure, if you use some bezier curves or not. But, the characteristic of the curve is right now fixed. If I remember correctly the main growth happens close to the second point later in time. Sometimes of course, you might want it just the other way around. Maybe you need a drawing to understand my point. Not sure :)

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hold LCTRL while the mouse pointer is on an envelope point to get its value on a tooltip

That is so fuckin sweet
especially learning this after using renoise like fulltime for a year :D

to the OP, only other thing i can think of, is looking at the device parameter itself (not in automation lane), while follow is on (and playing, or just scrolling). it always displays the current state (unless you’re clicking & holding).

Great, that does the job for me :)

Thank you very much !

@Cas: your reply shows me that my question does have some value and is not completely stupid. :) Thanks for that.

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