Automation View: Missing Some Buttons For Curves, Paste Continuously

I think in the automation view is plenty of space left next to the buttons below for even more buttons. Some quite interesting functionality is really hidden in the right click context menu/shortcuts. I miss buttons there especially for:

  • Humanize
  • Generate random points
  • Generate linear curve
  • Generate exp curve
  • Generate sine
  • Paste continuously

Would be more homogeneous and consistent… Thanks!

+1 I use them a lot.

maybe some kind of toggle to expand these extra buttons, if they otherwise don’t fit in all the possible screen resolutions.

Only one agreed?

Also a couple +1’s in the right corner of your first post :wink:

Seems like with every Renoise update, for the sake of tidying up the gui / imposing consistency or removing clutter, functionality is deleted/moved. Like with the ‘render selection to sample’ entry moved around in the right click menu or the original crossfade in the sample editor ‘hidden’ in a menu. While some might not miss it because they don’t use the particular option often, others will miss it in their workflow.

The curve/randomize etc buttons were handy in the automation editor because it was a one click affair, as of 2.8 you first have to make sure there is an event in the automation editor, right click -> sub menu process > select function. Sucks balls.

Maybe if the detachable/expandable automation editor becomes fact, we’ll get them back!