Automation Windows Linked In Sequencer

I had a dream.

I think it would be very handy when we can link patterns in the sequencer so I can draw one line in the automation window to let for instance slide the cutoff from 0 to 127 in 4 patterns. Now I have to draw a line and figure out where it ends, get a pattern down, start the line at the same level where the first one ends and do this 3 times more.

When I read this I really don’t understand what I am talking about, I hope you do…

Personally, if it’s a simple, straight ramp you are after I use a LFO with very slow speed and cutom shape so can give it a bit of ramping if I want.

But another way to do what you asked, you can select those 4 patterns and press CTRL + J to join them together, making them one pattern. Then you will be able to put your automation across the whole thing.

This is the tip of the day…

thank you very much