Automation Zooming In ,Hand Tool For Dragging Along

WHen zoomed in in the automation window ,it is really an annoyance to keep reaching for the slider bar .
Why not offer a hand tool , that we can use to drag.move along the automation window ( at the bottom ),
The pencil tool already changes in to a select area tool when hovering above the automation timeline , so when hovering below the automation it could change into a hand tool sowe don’t have to reach for the sliderbar anymore ( or less often )

Can’t you use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom?

I am actually starting to wonder if Renoise should maybe have a Draw, Select and Hand tools selection, rather than all with one tool…

I don’t mean zooming , I mean navigating (just scrolling trough ) across the automation lane when all ready zoomed in without altering automation , now we have to use the scrollbar and is a waste of energy to constantly move your mouse pointer to the scrollbar , instead we could just use a hand tool and drag across the lower lane when hovering above it