hi all
How to turn off effect from in the automation. Becouse i can see only parameters but some times need to turn off/on effetc.

to turn effects on/off you have to use a pattern command:

if the effect you want to switch is at the 3rd place in the DSP chain, use 3F00 to turn it off, and 3F01 to turn it on.
of course, these commands have to be put in the track where the effect is

can you provide screenshot ?

try this test song: look how 1F01 and 1F00 switch the first DSP effect (delay), while 2F00 and 2F01 switch the second (flanger)

You really don’t need a screenshot.

Just type inn xF01 or xF00 in the effect column. replace the x with the number in chain where the device is.

Try this:
Go to a empty track.
Add a device, for instance a Delay.
Now, in the pattern editor, type inn 1F00 on the first row.
Play song and you will see the Delay device be disabled.

More about pattern commands here.

Thanks guys/