I’m assuming I’m doing something stupid here, but I can’t work it out

I have the default 64 ticks per pattern (0-63)

When I go to automation view I see this:

The graph shows a line at each tick but is only 63 ticks across, not 64?

Watch closer :)

0-63 would equal 1-64…

But it starts on the left edge of 0 and ends on the the left edge of 63

So it only covers 63 ticks?

You can see that I have set a graph that rises and falls each beat (4 ticks). At the end of the graph, there is a missing tick.

They are rows (not ticks).

We would need programmable automation on delay-value base (not 1-16 ticks but 0-255 points)
Then we could also allow an extra automation node that is not locked to a grid-line but to a position.

What we need is this tiny update to at least allow automation on delay positions:

The delay value is shown (and changable) in the box next to the vertical node value of the currently selected node. Note the lacking last grid-line, that will be grid on position 0 of the next pattern

I move this topic to the ideas and suggestions box…
If there is one must-have improvement that should be inside the automation window, we would need this.

Hello vV -

Thank you for replying.

The picture that you posted, is it edited? I see that the graph extends to 64 ticks.

I am wondering, did you edit the picture to show a 64-tick graph; or is there some misunderstanding here?

The picture is indeed a mockup, that’s why i moved the topic to the ideas and suggestions, because this is currently not reality.

0-63 still equals 64 available rows.

count the vertical bars from left to right = 64 which is 1 available automation point per row.

You have a point though… since row 0 and 64 are theoretically the same row there should be a way of letting the automation “glide” with previous “speed” from row 63 to 0(64).

I will need to experiment with this, I think I see my misunderstanding: There is only one value per row possible. Extending the graph from 0-63 to 0-(exclusive)64 (i.e. 0-63.999999…) is meaningless as no values can be set between 63 and 64

anyways it would be nice if the 63 - 0 “space” could be seen, showing the transition to the first value of the next pattern.