Automatization of VSTI and also Macro Devices...

You are such an obnoxious little shit.

We have to get things into perspective. Renoise is a tracker that is evolving, and with it the art of tracking. Renoise is not and has never, as far as I know, been a substitute for the most powerful and feature-rich DAWs available. It’s a tracker, and tracking is probably always going to be relatively niche. Of course this does not stop Renoise from having big aspirations and I totally love the idea that it could replace all the audio software I use.

I don’t think Renoise will be “dead very soon” purely because it doesn’t appear to be living up to your expectations, it’s still (all things considered) the most mature tracker available. Folks like tracking, the very existence of Renoise attests to that. Must Renoise get more “professional” in order to survive? Of course not. It’s a tracker, it is not required to conform in order to be attractive to those who think in these alternative ways. It does not have to do all that Nuendo or Live do in order to be attractive to those who dig the tracking thing. See ReWire.

So maybe lets just relax with the tension a bit and let Renoise pan out with a bit of love from us here and there, without resorting to comments that conjure mushroom clouds and armageddon in general.

And as a footnote, the term ‘professional’ is the most enormous cop-out.