Autosave Vsti Presets Option, Please :(

Hi there,

First off, I wanna say that I’m playing around with Renoise almost daily now, and i like it everyday a bit more.
I’ve been using trackers all the way back from ft2, to octamed to protracker on the Amiga back in 1991. (my fav was octamed)
Therefore, I’m very happy that Finally there is a tracker with a professional treathment!

I’ve have the following suggestion/question, after another faithful night when I again lost my vst instrument presets…

Can it somehow be done to let Renoise automatically save your VSTI presets, instead of having to save them manually?

The reason I post this, since only 10 minutes ago I Again forgot to create .fxp files for every vsti instrument, aargh…
I did make screenshots, since presets arent always saved correctly, but forgot to actually save presets.
(btw: Why is it so difficult to get a reliable preset save?)

And it gets even worse.
A few minutes ago I thought of recreating the presets from my screenshots.
But, and this is verry strange, my screenshots are of the initial presets instead of my changes?!@
(and yes, I swear I made them after I changed the presets :wink:

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one that forgets to save his presets manually, so it would be really really great if renoise takes care of that.


what plugins are you talking about ? normally renoise does save the VSTi and VST settings, but there are a few which are known to be buggy with that, which is again not renoises fault, but the plugins fault.
The reason is that those plugins dont use the VST standards for their data, and so renoise cant read and write those settings.
but this happens only to about 2% of all plugins.

Edirols plugins seems to belong to the few 2% :(

yes, they do, and it may help you to know that this is not only happening in renoise, but in cubase and every other VST-Host too.

that 2% number is going to be slightly reduced with release of version 1.271 B)

Well, that clears things up a bit, thanx.

My first encounter with vsti’s is within renoise, so I didn’t know exactly where those vsti save problems lie :)
But I dont know exactly which vstis give problems, since I’m currently checking out so many free plugins.

But still, it is true that when saving your song, you have to seperately save your vst instruments (when you’ve changed the presets).
Therefore, it would be nice if renoise could somehow automagically save this in its .rns file or something.

A shame though, that some vst instrument makers dont adhere to the standards. What’s the point in creating a super duper instru then.
Reminds me of those analog synths where recreate your instruments everytime.


No, Renoise should do this already and if it won’t work it’s due to a buggy VSTi.

Rhodes :
Could you tell us wich VSTis or VSTs dont recall their setings properly when loading them in a Renoise song ?

Or do you mean the bank settings (settings of all available programs in the VST) and not the preset settings (the settings of the current selected program in the VST) ?


Sorry for the late reply, but here are some instruments that dont seem to save the changes i made to their presets when saving a rns song.

VST Instuments :
drumatic 2.1/2.2: drum synth by E-phonic
My fav. drum synth plugin.

cm505 : drumsynth, free with computer music magazine.

block (synthedit drum synth plugin by xoxos)
blip (synthedit synth plugin by xoxos)

pressure (synth)