Autoseek Does Not Operate After Note Off

I can’t remember whether this was already reported, but if you have an instrument with a long fade-out or release envelope and enable Autoseek, you do not hear any sound if you start playback either on or after a note-OFF event, even though logically the sound should still be audible up until the end of the release. If you start playback one line before the OFF, the expected behaviour results.

Perhaps a minor issue, but it can cause confusion if you are blending a lot of instruments with lengthy release envelopes.

I believe Autoseek checks to see if ther has been any note triggered since the last Note Off that would still be playing. This already consumes a fair bit of CPU and if you have a few auto-seek enabled samples and a slowish machine you might notice the lag when hitting play. To then also scan back when there has been a Note Off event to take into account Envelopes is going to take yet more processing. I think it has to be taken as one of the limitations of the system…

That is true. I guess you’d actually have to scan back to the beginning of the song, in every channel, because you do not know how many overlapping envelopes there could be.

Autoseek is ultimately just an editing optimisation, not a creative tool, so it probably doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect (and it’s already a hell of a lot better than it was without it).

Autoseek only covers playing the sample at specific positions until note-off. It does not incorporate envelopes or release trails that cause after-effects.