Autoseek + Note Off: Should Play Sustained Sample

  1. Create an sample-based instrument with a long release after note-off.
  2. Place a note for this instrument at the top of a pattern, and a note-off further down.
  3. Enable Autoseek for this sample.
  4. Start playback from the line where (or just after) the note-off event is placed.

Expected result: The sample should play from the correct position, with the note-off envelope just starting to fade out (based on playback position relative to the note-off event).

Actual result: The sample does not play back at all if you start from after the note-off event, even though it should still be fading out.

Tested in Beta 6.

The note-off simply triggers the volume envelope from the moment it is triggered. It is simply an effect applied in place.
Autoseek does not apply to volume settings of the instrument envelop parameters (or the fade out parameter). It simply looks if a note should be played or not and if it encounters a note-off right before the moment of triggering, this means a note should not be played at the moment of triggering.

If you want a fade out effect being applied, simply use volume automation instead.

mmrn, you’re right. This is not entirely expected behaviour but we decided not to handle this case for various technical reasons. As vV says, the autoseek only searches upwards to the last NoteOff and not beyond.

We might revisit this in the future with the aim of handling it better, but for this release I’m afraid this is how autoseek will behave for now.

Replacing every long note-off envelope with manual automation in the channel would be a monstrous piece of work. I would rather accept the unexpected autoseek behaviour.

Ah well, fair enough if there are technical issues involved. I guess searching backwards for every possible overlapping sustained note which could be playing in the given line, and calculating the volume of each, would be a rather complicated and time-consuming process.