Autoseek sample option by default

I know this topic has been discussed several times on the forum, last time in 2011, @Conner_Bw saif that it was cpu intensive but now we are in 2021, our computers have so much power :smiley:
When we import 40 stems, it s a pain in the ass to check the autoseek option for each and everyone of them! Please guys it’s time to do it!


I don’t know, just a box to tick in the preferences… i am not a devolopper i am a music producer! :smiley:


I don’t mind a native solution, something like a checkbox in the song options, but think you have a better chance getting this sooner in a tool. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already made this in the past, but can’t remember.

Not even in the song options but in the main settings… no one can imagine on cubase or ableton to have to play the sample from the begining by default everytime you need to tweak it a bit! It would be nonsense! So why does it makes sense on renoise?

Personally I think autoseek makes sense for samples with a certain length, lets say larger then oneshot hits, or sounds that take up relatively large amount of lines in a pattern, play across pattern border. I wouldn’t need it on everything, since I use a lot of small hits. This can be different depending on user.

Here’s a hacky workaround that you could try;

Create a template song with a significant amount of sample instruments saved in it where you have autoseek enabled. It can be a short snippet of silence, as long as there is something so you can enable autoseek in the instrument. Now when you load in any sample from the browser, autoseek will be automatically enabled for those created sample slots in your template song.

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yes it is! but the devs said that it was too processor demanding! Now it s not!

Yes indeed there are always some ways to work around! I work a lot in collab with producers from other daws so we share channels or stems, and often a looooot! or when i do mixing or stem mastering for some other producers… I think it costs litterally nothing to add a little box “autoseek samples by default” in the main preferences

Not automatic but adds menu entries to turn Autoseek on from the Instrument list.

edit: Just added two shortcuts:

Autoseek All Instruments ON
Autoseek All Instruments OFF


ohhh that s a good job mate!!!

Worth noting the tool does’t currently check for pitch automation, like switching on in renoise does, but if using on imported stems, shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll see if I can add some checks in an update sometime.

renoise’s own check:

Screenshot 2021-10-22 151926

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