Autoseek & Track Mutes, Mp3 File Stopped Loading

Have very limited time here on the net as I’m on holiday but wanted to post these two…

  • Switching a channel that uses autoseek off and then back on doesn’t autoseek the sample getting played.

  • Dragging an mp3 (4mins long) into an instrument slot doesn’t add the full mp3 (I believe I did try loading it in the normal way as well). I converted it into a .wav, loaded it and it was all good.

This has already been mentioned in several other posts, but it is not a bug. You simply have to change the default mute mode behaviour in the preferences from “Off” to “Mute”:

It has always worked fine for me. But you should keep in mind that there are various things which can interrupt or cancel the sample from being loaded completely. Pressing Escape will cancel it, and attempting to load another sample before the first has finished loading will also cancel it, etc.

If you simply drag the MP3 into Renoise and wait for it to finish, then it should be fine. Are you saying that you have a problem with this method?

Edit: Does this affect all MP3s or just a few specific ones? I wonder if it’s possible that some MP3s are encoded badly or have a corrupt frame in them somewhere?

One more note to the MP3 loading:
You can right now only load one file at once in Renoise. As soon as you are switching over to a new instrument and are starting to load a new one, the old one will stop loading - when not yet loaded completely.

If thats not the problem, it would indeed be great if you could give us some more details about this. If that only happens with one special mp3, or all mp3, and so on.