Autoset Base-Note When Dragging Samples To Keyzone Map?

If I drag a sample from the file manager down into instrument settings panel, it gets assigned to the next key, with the base note set appropriately. Wonderful.

If I drag a sample from the file manager or the instrument settings panel onto the keyzone map, no matter where I set it or how many keys I tell it to cover, the base note is always c-4.

Is this intentional? It seems counter intuitive.

It had also been mentioned as a suggestion, but this fits more as a bug report indeed.

Actually we don’t know what the base note should be. If its a drum sample, its quite likely that you want the basenote to be in the new zones range. If its a tone, you maybe want to keep it at C-4 - maybe something else. I don’t think its a good idea to try to be clever here. You have to adjust it either way manually?

Well, if you drag the samples into the keyzone and let each sample span across one or two octaves, i guess it is hard to say whether a base-note at the start or in the middle has to be chosen, but if you only span each sample upon one key, i don’t see any reason why a different basenote has to be taken than the sample itself gets assigned to.

Let me show you how much work this is for one octave and then try to imagine one has to do this for 5 or 6 octaves with 5 or 6 layers:

Alright. Let’s give it a try.
But let’s not mess around with automatically updating basenotes when dragging existing mappings around. I don’t think that will do any good.

You can also right click on the piano keys to set/update the basenote spot.

I wasn’t expecting anything during those moments. Or are you hinting about a possible different enhancement being able to redrag the current selections again?

I thought i was toggling something during the creation of the video, but i was fumbling with the left mouse after i encountered the change so then considered i saw ghosts.