Autotalent, Pitchcorrection For Linux (ladspa)


I just discovered autotalent, a pitch correction ladspa plugin (ala autotune). Besides my excitement over this, another reason I write this it I have problems with the plugin using > 100% cpu when it encounters silence. Fons Adriansen supplied a fix that seems to be working for the other (non renoise) linux users, but not for me.

So I’m curious what your experiences are…

Original download:

Fixed version:

The fix as a patch:

I see the same problem, although not 100%. When playing a sample, CPU usage is low, after the sample is over, usage goes up to about 50%, then goes down again when Renoise’s auto-suspend kicks in. Same with the fixed version, so maybe it’s not the denormals.

Nice plugin though. Source is available too…