Av Linux

AV Linux 3.1 BEAT Edition comes withe Renoise 2.5 (Demo Version) pre-installed:



AV Linux is nice. I have an older version on my laptop. Have to try this one, though.
For getting a low-latency audio system, I think this distro might be the best right now. It is based on pure Debian and comes with a RT kernel by default.
I wonder, however, when this issue of the BEAT magazine will come out. But I don’t have too high hopes for the articles in there anyway. The magazine gets less and less interesting for me.


I have the computer full now, but I’m a big Linux fan. Now in my PC: Windows 7 for games, triying OS X in a Hackintosh, really good OS.
Ubuntu in an Older computer. Linux AV seems really good for music.