Avant Garde Use Of Renoise

To give some background:
I started doing tracking 21 years ago with “whacker tracker” and mod files at the age of 9.
I started playing guitar 19 years ago at the age of 11.
I got turned onto Impulse tracker at the age of about 14 or 15. Holy crap, new electronic music obsession.
I have been involved in at least 2 dozen different musical projects since then
Renoise 0.5 was released, and I paid for it because it’s serious business.
Renoise 2.8 was released and I’m still a registered customer, but I’m now using it for a very different purpose than I think it was originally intended

I have been working at mixing my band’s latest track, here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12726119 , I’m just curious if any other renoise users had tried to use renoise for such an approach?

I like the track! Did you use Renoise for the intro only, or did you mix the whole track in Renoise? All besides the intro are live instruments right?

I’ve been using Renoise on and off since 1.2 I think, around 2003, when I switched from ModPlug. At the time I was working on my one man project Ninja Massacre, which could be seen as kinda avant garde, but still very traditional use of Renoise with samples as main focus. Only vocals and guitar were added to the mix. http://www.dogblessyourart.com/?cat=22

I was using Fast Tracker 2 as a sketching tool for one of my first bands. I recorded demo versions of the songs before bringing it to the band, then we reworked them a bit. Only a small tracker part survived as intro to one of our tape releases (I have yet to put that one on the net). Also kinda avant garde pop - punk mix with some weird time signatures. http://www.dogblessyourart.com/?cat=27

Nowadays, I work with electronics and some electro acoustic elements, heavily focused on improvisation. After trying out some other programs I returned to Renoise since it’s live features has improved steadily, now with only some small annoyances left. I did my first gig with Renoise last summer, before GridPie and in a very special venue with huge natural reverb, so I kept away from beat based stuff. http://www.dogblessyourart.com/?p=391
But normally I like to experiment with beats (and distortion). http://soundcloud.com/robotpushkey

i recently built a new 64 knob midi controller and i had a lot of fun yesterday setting it up as a buchla-esqe matrix mixer in renoise.

basically, 8 tracks, each with 8 send devices, and 8 send tracks, each with a bunch of fx. mute source on the last send device on each chain, and map amount on each send device to a knob. have some simple loops going, and then twiddle away to your hearts content. makes for some really rich sounding sequences.

here’s a quick demo. simple and fun!


I’m involved in a number of projects that range from pop-ish to obscure. And one the most obscure would be Broken Cloud
We have no tracks, only a two-people setup - everything is improvised, using various home-brewed software

One for the lesbians - the latest mix using 2.8

dby - I used renoise to mix the whole thing, including making the distortion tone. No amp or mic involved

While all of you have interesting stuff, it’s much more heavily electronic based… I guess I’m… the only one?

Nope… me too. I’m a recording engineer by trade, and mostly work on pro tools, at least on others stuff.
But for my own things. im so used to renoise that i end up tracking tons of guitars and vocal acoustic stuff to renoise. i usually even mix it all in there.
Only when i feel the song is amazing ill take the tracks out and remix tehm in pro tools.
I dunno… i really like tracking to renoise. im at work right now but will post stuff i did that way later today…

I mixed a 1 hour long 12-track live recording from a rock show, in Renoise. just because I didn’t feel like opening up Sonar. Renoise was obviously not the most logical choice, but it worked out fine!

This album was created in Renoise. First, all the tracks were done 100% live using two instances of Renoise, using Renoise as a sampler/tape-loop, not really sequencing anything. And it was mixed/mastered using Renoise as well. As Denim said, not the most logical solution to do a one hour and forty five minute mix in Renoise, but it was easy and fun to do so. Easier than I had expected.

this sound is a 100% renoise. record mix master.

also everything else on that sound cloud is.