Avatar Poll

or ??

I was just wondering which avatar would be better, as sometimes people says that the old one is too bright… well I don’t care much… anyway… BURP
err sorry :o

Yes… What is it?? Have you a Pokemon?? :) :D :lol:

no, it’s a puppet (Cowee) I’ve won at Buenzli demoparty on August 2003…
two competitions, two 4th places… I really deserved it :)

oh… you can get the full Cowee picture here:

I vote for the cowee…

ah yes and the new pic of It-Alien too of course :P

i wanna buy you! thats how cute you are.

how much?

if that first pic is you, who is the one on the second pic? :blink:
anyway i think u schould use a combination of both. i cannot stand the thought of never seeing taht avatar again… you’re looking so helpless lost & confused on that one… i love it ;)

Me too…

ok, the old avatar has won.

taktik is right: you are afraid of all new stuff <_<

:lol: :drummer: