Avlinux + Renoise

I’m wondering if anyone is using this particular combination? I own a renoise license so I uninstalled the demo version that came with the distro and installed my own (local install)…however the problem I’m running into is that I can’t seem to get Renoise to see the VSTs that are listed in VST_PATH.

Any takers?

This is pretty silly but you might be like me didn’t realise that the “Enable VST plugins” option is unchecked by default in the plug/misc section of preferences? I spent an hour this morning trying to figure out why my vst’s weren’t loading only to realise that all I had to do is check that box! Duh!

Hope this helps :)

LOL! Not silly, didn’t work. Thanks again.

I’ve got a few Windows VSTs running in Renoise on AV Linux. To run them from the command line:

vsthost /media/Audio/VST/Circle/Circle.dll

For convenience I put this line in a file so I could add it to the menu, using the AV Linux Control Panel.

I’m using Arch Linux, but I had the same problem - Renoise wouldn’t see any of my native Linux VSTs in the folder I had designated via VST_PATH.

However, Renoise also searches for plugins in default directories: ~/.vst and ~/.ladspa

These directories didn’t exist for me yet so I just created .vst in my home folder and placed my VSTs in there, then Renoise picked them up after rescanning.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Actually, I just found that after rebooting, Renoise is looking for plugins in the actual folder I designated with VST_PATH, so give that a shot if you haven’t already.

I got this working yesterday with help from the A/V linux forum, but it’s a head scratcher over at that forum as well. Maybe it has to do something with the bash profile (does renoise look for bash_profile or bashrc?). From the polling here, it doesn’t seem to be consistent across distributions.

Thanks for the help, forum mates.