Axiom 25 Knob Mapping

the knobs from the axiom 25 are not mapping correctly the faders from the midi control device (when using reason in rewire).
when using them, i turn the knob to the right, it moves and then restarts from 0 value or returns to the middle.

but my padKontrol knobs does the job perfectly.

don’t know if it’s the m-audio driver, but this thing some times happened when using ableton and reason, and this happened when reason was using the m audio as well.

can you use midiox or something to have a look at the midi cc it’s outputting.
something might be funny about it and need tweaking .

Please take a look into the axiom 25 manual, which kind of controller messages it sends.

Renoise supports absolute and relative messages. When the thing sends relative message, slowly turn the poties to the left, then Renoise will autodetect the relative mode…

Its on page 19 of the pdf manual.
I use my axiom25 on reaper and my bcr2000 for renoise…
The axiom does do various ‘relative’ controllers. I have it doing my currently selected track fader in reaper, with another knob selecting tracks. (and another for jog, and zoom etc… its rather cool).

Lemme know if you can’t get it working - i’ll probably make a patch for renoise with my axiom instead of making tunes.

My Axiom 25 works here but sometimes after mapping, I have to save the .xrns (so I can reload the mapping) Then relaunch renoise, reload my xrns and it works.

thanks everybody (: