'back' Button On Disk Browser

is it possible? i have found it convenient in the past.


good idea!

what do you mean? There is a way to scroll between the folders and views of disk browser if that’s what you need… (don’t remember the keys though since still learning them myself, but you can check the manual for these)

a back button?

you can press f8 (activate variable keyboard focus) switch to diskbrowser and you can
go back and forth with the arrow- keys…
or you could press ctrl + left (like go to parent directory).

a “real” back button like the one in your browser isnt there and dont know but i guess nobody would need that. or?!

EDIT: after reading the post from byte-smasher i think he is right… a win-like behaviour would make things a bit faster.

I’d like a back button that keeps track of whatever folders you’ve been in… also, perhaps the ability to paste a path into the disk browser, press enter, and have it browse to that path… just like any other dialog box in windows. In fact, the windows dialog box you can get from the file menu… should be cloned in that same menu for samples, instruments, etc too. I like using real windows dialogs more than the disk browser in some instances.

… and while I’m at it, a VST browser would be nice too, for those off times when I don’t know what the actual name of a vst is, but I know where its dll is, or if I just happen to want to use a VST that’s floating somewhere else on my HD.

+1000. A must-do option.

… resurrection!

ok, so, it was the year 2007 and BYTE-smasher made the suggestion i was about to post. way to see into the future. however, aside from a +1000, no further replies. any plans of implementing this? if i want to navigate deep into nested sample-folders or system32 subfolders or such crap, this would make it a huge deal faster. you could add it just above or below the disk browser directory tree, maybe optionally with a switch button like the sample browser search and such.

Yeah i just started a new thread about the “path in file browser input field”. I am puzzled that this feature hasn’t been added.

The behavior is so expected that the lack of it is almost to be considered a bug :)

yeah, it is strange indeed, especially seeing how old this thread is. however, i can only assume the dev-team had their reasons for not implementing this one yet. hopefully with the extra attention we are giving it now, they will reconsider it. i’m sure we do not need to convince them of the usefulness of this one.