Background Graphics

Someone mentioned Renoise Devs are open to suggestions
well here’s one

Sorry for that poor photoshop jobs and the unfitting fonts but having a background graphic could be really cool with having some flashing 3d graphics to make some ambient or something …

Please implement some …

Nice idea but i think there is other things that are far more important. I would use this more for texture or to give depth than just display photos or art.

well, subtle gradient changes and such could be nice i guess. not important ofc but could be fun to fiddle around with when your brain is tired from tweaking for too long i guess :>

ooooh this is lovely can we have irc in the background as well ? :D

rasterbars!! :D

How about setting an opacity for the Renoise backgroud so you can view whatever underneath it, whether it be an image or you IRC chat window or anything else. Test should probably stay 100% opaque though, or just a separate setting for each would do.

awesome! (=

I want flash videos!

you must be kidding…

I bookmarked this under “all time fav links”. It’s the first bookmark in that category.

It would have been even better with the default CGA colors, Cyan, Magenta and White. :D

his is a good idea. pictures and such can influence your creative input.
I do this with different themes, when I want to make a certain form of music I find a theme that works with what I want to convey.

coder colors! :guitar:

Yup a dark scifi 3d wallpaper background to patterns and other nearby stuff could go fine with yellowish patterntext especially for the people who wanna make spacesynth , it would be like your in space when you make the tune :)

I also like the idea of having a dark sci-fi 3d wallpaper in Renoise, would be awesome. But maybe it would be even cooler to have the Renoise pattern grid transparent, that way you could place it on top of everything, including other apps and your desktop wallpaper.

laying down sick musics while on drugs with sum greenaway film or porn playing through the pattern grid! :panic:

Sure but that would take lots of computing power , and renoise already uses built in graphics so the coder would have an easier time implement using external background and options like “sync” so one pic gets to be background for many things , it would make us make awesome themes maybe even save the pics inside the themes :)