Background Music For Video

The arrangement is done entirely in Renoise, some VST plugins have been used.
This is my version of it, the director kept the music to all the same level, i changed
the volume depending on the action on screen. The mix is quite bad, not punchy
at all… check it out:

Nice work. I am especially fond of the melody that plays during the credits. Has this old horror movie feel with a random video game fx that is inserted a couple of times.

Noticed the renoise logo in the credits as well.

A VERY nice job! I also liked the music during the credits as well, and the Renoise logo looked really cool too!
If somebody had told me that the music was done by a well known production company and cost thousands of pounds, I would have easily believed them - great stuff!

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it!
I provided the director with the renoise logo at the end of the project and luckily there was enough time to implement it.