Bad Wav File?


I want to import this sample, but there is a problem. When I select the sample in the browser it plays loud and clear. But when I want to play it I hear nothing. Other samples are working perfect.

Can someone test this please? What is wrong?



there is a wrong loop inside the WAV file.

to remove it, go to sample editor (press F2), press on “forward” and choose “none”; this way, the loop won’t be played.

This sample is looped… Look in the sample editor of Renoise at the beginning… It is looping right there in the beginning some zero points… just turn looping off and you will be hearing it in Renoise! btw this is not very common that this happens so it is not Renoise’s fault…

edit: yes what he said… haha love these sync posts I have lately

Thanks for your help.

But how could that happen? I have never opened this Wav File with Renoise before. And I have more Wav Files of this type.