Badass Beatboxing

part 1 :…;id=174&d=1

part 2 :…;id=186&d=1

check microphone, check two.

btw this ability to not correct/edit your topic title sucks :P, specially when u’ve made a lousy typo. (guys=guy)

This guy is amazin. Someone said to search for this other guy I found a URL to in the comments. Also be sure to checkout -

I like this part where roxorloops is teaching rahzel some tricks:

kickass stuff :)

indeed amazing. :)

Wathced most of this stuff whilst discovering beardyman too. Roxorloops’ abilities in timestretch & delay are especially nifty!

Here’s Roxorloops in a group called Beatoxic:

This cat is pretty cool. Experimental beatboxing. Awesome stuff you have to check it out… Electro Cute sounds really cool. Spassma is dank and dirty. All real cool…

Was a myspace friend request. Makes music with the sounds from his mouth……iendid=40841059

This shit makes me wish I had a decent mic so as to make odd noises … I’m pretty sure my voice won’t take up as much CPU as some VSTs :P