Bahamadia-uknowhowwedu (Remix)

I am not generally a huge fan of dubstep, but I do like a lot of trap beat hiphop stuff. I recently found a soundcloud group or station or whatever called “Real Trap”. There I found a guy named heRobust. He is from Atlanta and his stuff is just off the hook. Particularly his remix of lil wayne’s “a milli” and another track called “we are”.

Anyway, the point is heRobust blends trap with dubstep really nicely, and so I was inspired to try something new and this track was the result. Its a remix of Bahamadia’s “uknowhowwedu”. For another classic/awesome remix using “uknowhowwedu” check Novy vs Eniac - “Pumpin” Anyway, here it is. Thanks for listening.

herobust is very cool bro he makes some super bass-ey stuff for sure. you did a cool song as well. keep it up ^_^

Thanks for the positive feedback ;)