I have resorted to remaking old tunes I guess, since I can’t think of any new ones D:

This is an old #mod_shrine compotune [I got 9th place out of 11! :D] redone in Renoise. You can hear the original here:

Try to enjoy it, I guess?

man its like a shooter game’s soundtrack ^_^

I haven’t listened to it yet (at school, without speakers), but just one advice: Never let the listener know what you think of the song, at least not if it’s negative. In this case that it’s “boring”.

It can manipulate the listeners expectations of the song and give them a different impression than they would otherwise get, with a “clean” mind.

Anyways, that’s my two cents!

that’s a good idea, actually

but I don’t have the self confidence for that sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with the first person shooter comment

but, having said that, i quite like first person shooters ^_^

nice one

I didn’t mean to critisize you, buddy.
Just talking from my own experience


gonna give the song a listen when i get home and give it a little review

Okay, i’ve just listened to this one, and yea, it DOES sound like a tune from a shooter. First person shooter in my opinion. I can pictures this one in Half Life or Quake as you roam the streets of a deserted city by night.

I really really like the distortion in the drums, the whole thing sounds very well produced, and very professional.

I’ve got to ask you what kind of distortion you used in this (VST), as I’m a big fan of distortion. I’m just too wimpy to dare use it that much is all.
It’s a hard effect to use correctly, but this tune uses it very nicely.

Alright, I feel like I’m sucking up now.

Bottom line:
Great tune!

I used all renoise effects :P the drums chain was like… reverb>distortion>eq

I dunno how they did it but the native effects are so great

I’m glad people like it :)