Hey guys.

I recently bought an M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio interface, I’m super happy with it, 48khz, 24bit @ 2.7ms latency in Renoise FTMFW! :D

Anyway, unlike my SB XFI, when using Asio I can’t adjust the soundcard’s volume or balance in windows sound properties. Because of my bad right ear I usually pan my global volume slightly to the right.

I now have to do it in Renoise, I pan the master channel to the right, but when I render tracks to send to friends I have to manually center it, render, and then put it back, and sometimes I forget.

Is there a way to adjust Renoise or ASIO panning so that it won’t affect the actual song when I render?

Btw, Renoise devs: Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the autoseek feature, I’m doing a lot of guitar stuff with a friend and it’s probably one of the best features you’ve added ever. <3

Your M-Audio drivers should include its own control panel where you can set your levels, panning, routing, etc.

For example, here’s the control panel from a Firewire 410:

You can disable the [Link] option on an output, and then you will be able to adjust both L/R channels separately, or the Balance control should also work.

You should have a red circular M-Audio icon in your system tray which launches the control panel. Alternatively, you can probably find it in your Start Menu as well.

If you cannot find the control panel, then check M-Audio’s site for the latest drivers and try reinstalling them.

I have the latest drivers, as of late December sometime last year, the Control Panel icon only gives me options for outputs, bit depth, latency etc; but nothing for adjusting volume.

I can use the Windows mixer for that, except when ASIO is used.

Really? :blink:

That seems incredibly weird! I have an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 4/6 myself, and have absolutely no problems when using ASIO in Renoise. The volume and panning levels remain active and I have full control over them. What you’re describing sounds very strange indeed!

I’m on Windows XP Pro SP3, by the way. What are you using?

Edit: I’m reading through the Fast Track Pro user manual now, and I can see the control panel in there is exactly how you described it. That seems really limited, and I can’t understand why they wouldn’t even include a basic mixer. How bizarre!

Windows 7 x64, the only thing the drivers come with is that basic control panel, there’s no M-Audio mixer or anything.

If I use Renoise in directsound then the volume settings in winmixer are used, even if I mute all when ASIO is used nothing happens.

I’ll ask a few buddies of mine who use the same card to see if this is an Win7 thing, though I doubt it. I think it’s a driver limitation.

Renoise doesn’t even appear in Windows 7’s volume mixer when ASIO is used. It did when I used my Soundblaster XFI and then I could adjust everything there. It’s not the end of the world though.

Yeah, and the card lacks a hardware balance knob too.

I think because the “64-bit” sound-driver is a cloaked 32-bit driver that malfunctions on various areas and thus developer have removed or crippled features that aren’t working properly underneath a 64-bit architecture.
I had this problem with the Dmx6Fire as well, i could download Vista 64-bit drivers for it, but quite some important functionality got locked our removed. (Including internal audio dubbing).
When i downloaded an older controller module for the hardware, i could use the controls lacking or crippled in the 64-bit controller GUI, but experienced crashes and instabile behavior.

Lots of audiocard manufacturers have popped up a quick 64-bit solution just to keep the card owners going at a time almost no audio hardware came with native 64-bit drivers.
Have you tried the new fasttrack pro drivers from december 21 2010?

Yeah, those (Dec 21 2010) are the drivers I’m currently using. I don’t have any problems with these drivers or the card, it’s running superbly in Win7 x64 with Renoise. The only minor snag I have is ASIO won’t start if any other audio app is running, even Firefox, so I have to shut down everything that uses sound sometimes, fire up Renoise, enable ASIO and then I can alt tab and fire up a Youtube video or Foobar 2k or Reaper (using directsound) etc; That’s the only snag.

I have a Samson C Control control station/multi speaker/inputs gadget that I will eventually hook up to my XFI and use that as my primary card and leave the M-Audio just for Renoise.

Anyway, a mate of mine has the same issue with XP (32bit) and the Fast Track Pro, the windows mixer cannot adjust the volume or panning when ASIO is being used.