Baltic March

My yearly quota of one song has been achieved again…

Link to lastfm site:…March?autostart

Not sure if it was intentional, but I really like the lofi-ness of the choirs. It really adds that “edge”. Other than that, the rest of the song sounds very good too. I do miss some more dynamic, aswell as some more “humanisations”. But really, musically this is top notch!

Yes the choirs are lo-fi layered and actually also the instruments are configured to sound as crippled as an amiga can play them.

I still have to get used to the play version of Orchestra gold… it feels like having to steer an ocean liner through a small river with narrow corners.
The kompakt version that i have works much less complicated.
I could pick up the Gold play upgrade for 79 euro’s… and for the fact that Gold Play version has all the same articulations as Premium, i could not let it lay around.

Very nice song!

Now I’m looking forward to next year’s one! :P

Really lovely. I enjoyed this. Thanks vV!

very nice,i would like to be able to write melodies and harmonies as good as this someday.

I’m currently redoing Symphoni D’excentrique with Gold and Choirs.
I currently have 5 external play engines running and controlling with MidiYoke, this project is way to big to have these run as internal plugin…
I’m also glad i have vSuit ramdisk running to abuse my other 4GB of ram of the total 6 i have…
You don’t really need an 64-bit platform to have this stuff running.