Banjo Samples?

Not sure if this is right forum to be posting in (sorry if it isn’t). Does anyone have any decent banjo samples or know where I can get some? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

have you tried all the obvious places? sampleswap, freesoundproject, etc? that’s where i would look.

You could track down banjo players on Soundcloud and offer them a collaboration. There’s an entire subforum there dedicated to collaboration offers, but a private message directly to someone who has released some banjo tracks would probably work better.

For example, a quick search lead me to this guy who has some remarkable banjo tracks:

lots of sf2 format banjos
and free.
easy to convert to other formats or extract the wavs.

Just found this forum by searching my name by chance “Matt Frick and banjo”. Thanks Subset for your nice words and a link to my soundcloud work. I do a lot of banjo work/ networking w/ people across the world. I do alot of experimental banjo work. If anyone wants to drop me a line, feel free. I’m trying to take the banjo to the next level.
Nice to meet you all
Matt (the white eyelashed banjoist"