Bar control of internal fx

Okay, two things came to mind the other day. The first was; Why not make all the internal commands available as a DSP like the VST/send-devices? Every single command would then be available as sliders along with the other DSP-effects, imagine the control of sample offset… B)

Also, on the registering note: why not do like Yannis …something… did with MadTracker 2; two different costs for the ones who register the soft.

1: Full (with all functions, including betatesting) $45
2: Kinda Stripped (with only OK-quality wav-writing and no betas) 20$

…or something. Just to let the poor sceners who don’t need total HQ, and don’t use external mastering software get a different option than cracked Cool Edit for recording their traxx. :D

Hm… Wonder if Skale will ever include .rns-import… Would in that case make the latter option kinda obsolete, that is IF it’s perfect (which I’d doubt… Fasttracker import isn’t perfect in ANY software yet…) ;)

I like this idea B)

Making tracker A play files from tracker B perfectly isn’t possible, unless B is opensource or otherwise use known algorithms in the playing part of the program. Simply because there are different ways to play sounds and apply effects. It would always sound a bit different. ;)

Making tracker A play files from tracker B perfectly isn’t possible[QUOTE]

Well, that’s partly not a bad thing when you’re charging money for the wav-writer internally which would then be useless if some other program (Skale) could make just as perfect a wav-render…

Btw, the best XM-interpenter I’ve ever encountered must be Modplug. Xm-play said they were balls on accurate[QUOTE] , but it still left something wanting…

Hrm… How does this quote-thing work?? Lessee…


add a / in the ending quote tag, after the square bracket. just like html.

and you can use “preview post” for testing.

XmPlay audio quality is worse than ModPlug’s one, but believe me: XMplay is FAR better when it comes to play accuracy: I could send to you tons of examples of modules where ModPlug fails and XMplay doesn’t.

Most of them are my modules, and that’s why I was the main XM routine betatester for XMPlay :D :yeah:

btw, Olivier Lapicque, MP author, subscribed my module mailing list years ago when he listened to my modules with his self-claimed “perfect player” B) :drummer:

brilliant. why have I not thought of this ? :)
they could be shown optional in the trackdeviceview (where you already control pan and the trackvolume).

don’t forget to make controlling samplelooppoints as well in instrument fx tab…

Zed: you read my mind =) The loop-point control doesn’t really have to be by the dsp/fx-page, it could easily be written into the pattern by dragging them in the sample editor with the right button… Or would that be a kinda messy way to go about it?

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