Bar Indicator Bar In Sample Editor

If I import a sample, an 8 bar loop, that has the exact same bpm as the song, and easily like to play the sample in the pattern editor from bar 5, with a 09-code, is there a way of automatically getting that position?
Something like bar indicators would be nice, in the same way the current position is shown in the automation window, with vertical lines.

Another question: In the automation window, why is the value in %, when a lot of dsp parameters are 1-255 or whatever? How will I know I get to the exact same place?
Right clicking on an automation value only sends the value to the pattern editor. Is there a way I can send it to the automation window? That would solve the % problem.



There is not really a way to automatically do things with the 9xx command, though you can use the 2x and 4x multiplyer button upon your effectvalue selection inside the advanced edit section, there is no guarantee the primary value that you figured out, will play the “next line” it was recorded when the value is doubled.

Another way is to figure out the 9xx value using the integrated sampler and select the offsetvalue you want to use for the 9xx command. It is displayed in the lower-right corner of the sampler.

The second question i can’t answer that quickly, but there are many topics about this issue that types of values between various sections of the program are not consequent.

You do know that holding RCtrl while in the Automation window will display the value of any points you hover the cursor over, and allow more fine adjustment of them thereof?