Basement Wigger - Hawaiian Shirt

Basement Wigger is misappropriating jungle drum & bass since 1996. Somewhere between ridiculous and terrifying, an aesthetic is forged.

Basement Wigger - Hawaiian Shirt MP3

Screaming vocals and guitars at 2:19. If you like this track save it to your computer/iPod and share it with your friends.


The Wigger returns!

I love the dark paranoid vibe here, the cloudy moody stomp. Stupidity and conformity spread out over a bleak boring landscape.

Like your Come To Daddy vocals! They you?

My only issue is with the buzzy bass line, I would have filtered out the top of it, the fuzzy part bugs me. But otherwise great mix ;)

I’m yelling “Hawaiian Shirt” and playing guitars. I tried to get a screaming session going with my girlfriend but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I fell back on a previous screaming session, recording in 1996, which can also be heard on PFD - Aloha, a band I used to be in. Definitely recorded material. Renoise 1.8 is allowing me to forge new debaucherous paths of maximalism, haha. As for the upper registry of the bass line, I was trying to get something between a contemporary reese and the feeling that your speaker is ripped. I made stringent efforts in regards that buzzing so removing it would bring a tear to my eye. Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: If anyone plans on keeping this track, please re-download. I made minor modifications that absolutely no one will notice, but in the spirit of being totally anal, reeeeeeewind.

alright, to be honest i’m not sure what to think of this. some parts i really dig some parts (like the screaming) i didn’t like to much mostly because i wished it didn’t sound so “lo-fi”. overall i liked the atmosphere. personally i would mix it more into your face. interesting anyhow.

“Dirty and raw, just the way I like it.”

  • Ron Jeremy

I agree in this case. Absolute smegmatronic, I have nothing
much to add to this, except this is the kind of musically molested
insanity that I adore. Great work captain!

Thanks for the feedback guys. Your opinions mean a lot to me, but mostly BOTB of which I am a fan. Haha.