Basic Waveform Presets In Sample Editor

I’m talking about a way to quickly generate chip-like samples or smooth sines in sample editor.
Easy to implement I think, maybe four buttons, or a combobox for wave type and a ‘generate’ button. Perhaps a nother combobox for resolution, and that’s it!
Would really help a lot with chiptunes and I often like to have clean waveforms as support instruments in non-chip tunes.
Without this, I either have to use a VST (like chip32) which sucks because I can’t control VST as good as a sample (and I cannot render it to sample with unregistered version) or I have to rip samples from my old amiga chiptunes.
Compare this to a click or two every time you just need a nice sample to sketch a tune or start a song.

Besides, it’s just damn cool! :yeah:

somebody upload a sample (xrni) pack please

Well, what do you know?
For some reason I always presumed the samples dir was an empty placeholder.

I still think it’d be awesum! :badteethslayer: