Basic Waveforms In Rightclick Menu

something like this

or if that’s too big for the menu then just a ‘Add Waveform’ then an arrow to basic waveforms.

could be nice

nahhhhhhhhhhh… scriptinggggggggggggggggggggg…

There’s a little menu that spawns when you start to draw inside of a blank sample, this would live pretty naturally in there:

Maybe that could have values of
White Noise
Pink Noise


Arc Cosine
Arc Sine

-> 2.6

Yeah, scripting would be awesome’st for waveform generation.

Oh yeah! Handy!

Well, I wanted to do the same post!

This would be a very very very useful feature! (and also easy to implement) :)

phear the italian alien coding skills… :ph34r:

Scripting?! What the?!

there is allready a way to do it with the ringmodulator, but ofcause, this would be a great improvement!

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How about stuffing it into a device? Something like an oscillator-device? Renoise-synthesizing?