Bass Drums

Hey everyone i am just wondering whats the best way about creating an awesome bass drum sound venetian snares has got an awesome sounding bass drumm in vache and i came across this video of someones song in renoise Youtube his bass drum is awesome the song is pretty damn awesome too. I have tried adding distortion but still i have no luck i think the sample of the kick im using is pretty rubbish though its a roland cr78 kick purchased some old school roland samples of ebay for a pound lol would appreciate it if anyone could help me out (im not sure if this is the right place to post my querry)

just one good advice; dont buy samples.

There are hundreds of sample-sites out there, and a few of these are goldmines.

you just have to know where to look

Very good advice, there tons of free samples out there.
If you need some real accoustic drumsamples, go to our site and look for the Yppse drumsamples


  • compression, distortion and EQ

so i’m told

Layering can also produce good results, eg. taking the bass part from one source and the snap of the kick from another. Also Stomper ( is a great drumsynth especially for techno/goa -style kicks.

Simply click on the ‘Awesomeness’ button in the sample editor.

There is many way to make gabber style bassdrum kicks. Don’t treat it like a kick, treat it like a bassline. Don’t think that adding distortion is the only way to achieve it, in fact, I’ve never done any decent gabby kick using distortion only.

Don’t even rely on 909 samples, grab any vst who can produce a sin/square/triangle wav. Play a raw note without any effect or envelope (c-1 for exemple) on a whole pattern, render it to sample, pitchbend very fastly the beginning of the sample many many times to make it kicky at the beginning but keeping the note tone on the tail, try to digitally clip it many time in an audio editor, add twice or more +24 db with psp vintage warmer for exemple, etc etc… Layer it with the original sample ? Make differents copy with differents effects ?


Lunat gave some very good hints to start making your own kicks…

you could also use a sine/square/triangle from a sample instead of using a vst.

thanks everyone for the help i’ll get a vst and try just creating one :)

Yah make your own with a synth.
Also if you use fx, let some of the dry signal through. Also filters.

First, you need to make some use of the “render to sample” feature… Like Baguette says, it really is the best part of renoise. If you’re looking for that heavy, tight, “venetian snares” kick, try combining an amen kick with an 808 kick (samples are easily available for free online) by playing them simultaneously in the pattern editor; just select a few ticks of both, depending on the decay of the samples, right-click and hit render to sample.
Play around with the respective volumes of the samples; since you want the tone of the amen kick and the aggression of the 808, keep the volume of the amen higher, but try putting an EQ with a slight bass boost on the track before you render it.
Anyways, once you’ve rendered it, just copy the sample into your drum kit (if you’re using one).
As a final note, try experimenting more with the less flashy effects like compression, EQ, or even try panning them slightly differently in the pattern editor to add spatial content.
Hope this helps!

Here is what to do…

You need to be using at least 3 samples.

  1. Generate your own synth kick in Sound Forge. Look at the Infected Mushroom tutorial if you get stuck

  2. Get a synthy 909 kick

  3. Get either a live sounding kick, or a robotic sounding psytrance one, depending on the kind of music you are making

Layer them all and f**** with the tails / attack on each till you get the best bits of each kicking off

Then eq them into place

Then lightly compress.

Render if you want (but if you can possibly help it, leave them seperate, so you can f**** with the levels of each element as your mix gets busier (or if you want to use this for artistic purposes)