Bass Effects Processor


I’m not looking for a bass vst instrument, but a vst effects unit that I can use on top of my recorded bass guitar. Specifically I’m looking for something that can produce a good distorted bass effect, and more ‘synth’ type bass effects (I’m thinking Muse here, like the basslines in Hysteria, Time Is Running Out, Starlight etc)… Does anyone know of any effects processors that are good at this kind of thing?


I think you could try the Amplitube or Guitarrig.
Not sure if it’s a serious problem that you use a bass in stead of a guitar.

Yes they’re expensive… But they are worth the money for me!

Amplitube is pretty good. All I can say about GuitarRig is that two friends of mine who are guitarists use it and are happy with.

anyway, Amplitube is not the right thing for synth sounds in my opinion, but I cannot suggest anything else.

Gate > Blockfish > Dist2 > LPF > Chorus.

Send to Ohmicide depending on violence factor.

freeamp 1,2,3

Izotope Trash has some great multiband distortion with many distortion modules that will fuck up your bass hardcore… also has magical filtering capabilities and such.

Awesome guys, thanks! I’ll hopefully get around to trying out these VST’s and techniques this weekend :w00t: