Bass Sample Is Clicking


I’ve triggered in a bassline using a MIDI keyboard and it clips when it’s laid down.

Does anyone have a tip for making sure it doesn’t click? The bass sound itself hasn’t got a click in it, it just seems to happen when it hits an OFF or triggers the next note.

Any help much appreciated (the bassline rendered is below)

It’s not clipping, it’s just that the instrument’s tail/release is too short. Low frequency sounds tend to require more of a fade out when you release the note, allowing the sound to drop to silence more smoothly and avoid the click.

Example: (Renoise 2.5 file)

I ripped the mp3 from your SoundCloud example to get your bass sound, then I tweaked it in Renoise. Take a look at the Instrument Editor section, and check out the volume envelope with sustain and a quick fade out when you release the note. This is obviously intended for sample-based instruments only, so if your bass sound actually came from a VSTi plugin, then you will need to adjust the ADSR envelope within the plugin itself, rather than through the instrument editor in Renoise.

Everything dblue said and be sure that your sample ends with the curve on the 0 line (in the middle) and/or that there’s not big amount of compressing going on.

Fantastic - thanks guys, this forum is brilliant!