Bassrack Wobama - Wobservation


Seems the song is taking up all your cpu’s resources with the screen all laggy?

fat stuff !! i like

Probably the screen capture software. I myself never really got a fluent capture while playing Renoise.

Chill track :walkman:

screen refresh rate mishmash between capturing soft en Renoise prefs?

I don’t know. I tried (years ago) with camtasia but I never got a satisfying framerate.

hey nagz, coll wobble here ! Btw, if Camtasia or Camstudio don’t work, try directly Fraps. The pros is that you record everything with Fraps with the highest framerate ever seen. The cons : the recorded file is really BIG, you’ll have to re-compress it with a good codec later.

thx all :) the capture is choppy, the song doesn’t eat much