Batch Render To Xrni

Hi everyone,

I would love to see a batch funtion to render to Xrni that would render samples and map it to the good sample keyzone automaticaly based on the first note

Example i have this sequence :


With my idea the batch render selection would map this to c-500 (The first Note) and will automatically transpose the selection to :


And the render this one and map it to c#-500 and will continue until all keyzone are filled

With this method it could be a lot easier and faster to build more complex Xrni instruments.

So what do you guys think is this possible ? is this complicated ? and are you interested in such feature or am i the only one that dream about that ?

This is how you do it.

That still only works with VST/AU/etc plugin instruments right? Not with sample instruments.

i don’t understand how this is useful to transpose by 1/2 step. super confused.

Thank you tmt ! this is almost what i want !!!

But what i look for is a way to render a selection or a track with plugin grabber is it possible ?