Battery 3 & Note Off

Well, the problem is that battery doesn’t care about inserted note off in Renoise…

Is it possible to make it happen?

Too bad Battery are so tricky with renoise, you gotta do something guys)))

A few possibilities for the cause (but i have to guess because you actually don’t mention what type of action you esxactly performed and what you expected from it):

  • The most obvious which i guess is not the case:if you don’t trigger a note, there is no event for a vst plugin to stop because it was not initiated. - A noteoff has to be send from the column that the note was triggered
  • The note-event that you started, must still be going on. If it stopped because of a decay/ release setting in Battery itself before you send that note-off event, that won’t work either.
  • You manually started to play a note (not recording) and trying to use the capslock key to send a note-off:that does not work that way:a key release automatically sends a note-off.

If none of the above applies, it might be a bug in the VST.
You can also try using a notecut event in pan/vol column to send to the plugin, which should work as note-off event as well. (F1, F2, F3, F4 etc)

I bet its not a problem at all. Battery’s samplers have a release envelope by default. Thats so you can play battery with a mpc-type midi controller and not have the note cut right as your little finger leaves the trigger pad.


Set the amplitude envelopes release time to ZERO. That way when you send battery a note-off the sample with stop/gate.

I know this cuz thats how i roll.

Well i would like it like the 3-rd way…Trigger esc, manually enter command by keyboard and than Caps-lock dis is very very usefull operation, i want to do it that way!
But it doesn’t work here, i’ve also tryed volume commands and rec-mode triggering, i know that ‘problem’ is 99% Battery…

That’s exactly what i need!!!

Just one more qestion, how can i apply release time zero to whole kit?
in my exiting project i got 4 fully-attached drumkits, so it’ll be very annoyng to edit each cell…

No problem.

Unfortunately I think you have to change all the envelopes manually. Just a bit tedious.

Wow, too bad battery developers doesn’t envent something 4 that yet…
‘A bit’ sounds like manually do this thing with ~ 600 drumsamples in my new hard-IDM project)))
But i think i should do this only with long and heavy preprocessed beat samples, sound becomes very tricky=)

Thx 4 support again, i guess that’s all i wanna right now=)

Hey man, i’m not hooked up to my hard drive with all my battery samples right now so i can’t try it, but i thought you could just select multiple cells in battery and adjust parameters for several at the same time? you could just highlight all the cells and then adjust your release envelope and it should apply to them all. try it, i haven’t worked in battery for a bit though so i could be wrong.


It works man!! i love ya! =)))
Yeah, i’am one of those sadistic musicians))

np my man.