Battery 3 Track Routing

I’m trying to do some basic track routing in Native Instruments Battery 3.
What i don’t understand is why the options in Battery 3 differs from the options in Renoise.

Take a look at this screenshot.

B3 lists 15 stereo channel + Master
Renoise Lists, two stereo channels, 6 mono channels, 4 stereo channels, 14 mono channels. And the names not at all what’s presented in B3 (St 3/4, St 5/6, …) Where do Renoise get the “B3 Surr. 5.1, …” from ?

Hope to hear from some NI/Renoise gurus soon…

// codec

argh… welcome to the sad world of Kontakt/Battery routing…

Have you changed your soundcard recently? Or do you maybe have two soundcards on your system?

It looks like Renoise routing and Kontakt routing are not consistent; it happened to me right on yesterday because my desktop PC died some days ago, then I have temporarily composed on my notebook. Then, when I fixed my desktop PC, I moved the song I was doing back to my desktop PC. Once did this, the situation was similar to yours: the routing in Kontakt was referring to my desktop PC, while the one in the song was referring to my notebook PC.

so what did I? I saved the Kontakt multi I was using on the song as a new file, I closed Renoise, opened it, loaded Kontakt, loaded the saved multi inside it, pressed on “Reset Out. Map” button in the “Outputs” section of Kontakt, then opened the broken song, reloaded the Kontakt multi inside it and it worked.

unfortunately I don’t have Battery, but I think it is something similar.

this guide can also help how to start from scratch an output design into Kontakt as a last resort.

also check out this video and this one. this guy has created some presets which automatically create a 16outputs environment in Kontakt. Give them a try to see if they also work in Battery

I just started over now, and now it looks the same in B3 and Renoise.
I do have 2 soundscards, but the built in “crap” is disabled, and has been for a long time. Other soundcard haven’t been touched for a long time (MOTU UltraLite).

Hopefully it wont happen again .p