Battery 3

Hey, loaded one instance of Battery and triggered seperate cells by the Pattern Editor, so for instance, Track 1 C1, Track 2 C2 and so on. Tracks in Renoise with different effects on each track. BUT, problems when the effects are on, e.g. reverb is on 100% on track 2, track 2 solo, signal 100% wet, ok, fine. But track 1 and 2 playing together, signal of track 2 is wet AND dry, or it’s wet as it should be but there’s a little click when cell on track 2 is triggered, alright? So, what am I missing?


you need to have battery3 mapped out so that it is sending directly to buses, so it is not functioning as a “one channel per playback-of-any-amount-of-samples” -version of itself. configure the outputs in battery3, and then see how to access them in renoise.

i’d try and make more sense if i would dare to use battery3 (bought it recently, i’m a refugee from Battery 1-land, and the way Battery3 has changed, I don’t even know how to load in 48 samples from one folder without picking them one by one. I’m really lost)…