Battery 4 on Mac, No sound

So I got a job at the computer music lab at my school. I decided to download the Renoise 2.8 demo on to one of the computers so I can get some work done. For some reason I can’t get sound out of Battery 4. I searched the forums and I found this thread:

I tried the solutions listed in this thread and none of them work. Maybe I’m not understanding how the routing works. The thread seems to suggest that the issue is with the AU format. There are no VSTi’s installed on these computers and I do not have access to finding those.

Has anyone been able to get Battery 4 AU in Renoise 2.8 to work?

Battery 4 AU version does not work in Renoise. The solution you found was for Battery 3.
Either the guys of Battery are doing something weird with their AU plugins or they are simply trolling Renoise users on purpose…
I doubt the latter is the case.