Battle Cube (game with Renoise music)

I hope nobody minds that I post a game here. It’s called Battle Cube. Here’s a video of it and you can get it on my website.

It only contains a single level and is my first solo experiment in Unity. What’s special about the game is that it’s driven by a Renoise song. It’s not only what you hear, but the game actually parses data which is generated from the .xrns, so if I change the song, so does the cube’s attack pattern. Suva provided the tool I needed to convert the song data, so many thanks for that!

That’s a really cool concept! Is there a way to mod the game and add different songs?

Not in this version. I may make a larger game out of it one day and then I may feature something like that.

Hey Nifflas,

that’s awesome! :w00t:

This looks really promising! Continue the great work!
I got goose bumbs watching your short video.

Boss-lvl will be Skrillex tune? ;)


Very cool indeed. As a big fan of stuff that really integrates audio with image, like the Autechre video Gantz Graf, Rez for PS2, and most recently Sword & Sworcery - especially the boss fights, I really enjoyed your trailer. Great idea, I hope you evolve it further.

Edit: Played the game as well. Great stuff indeed.


This game looks totally rad! I can’t wait to download it :) I also like working on game-tech - I recently started a DSP framework for Unity, currently it’s really geared toward synthesis but perhaps you would like to check it out?

Will there be a request for music submissions? Or are you doing all the music yourself?

Amazing game! Looking forward for an ability to play with my own tracks. :)

Sweet! Please turn this into a full game, please. :)