If I understand right, there is no parameter feedback in Renoise yet? And Duplex does not support recording automation?

So what options do I have to get both feedback and recording automation to work with my BCR-2000?

ditch Renoise & use other software :panic:

A bit harsh, don’t you think? :P

I guess I could try something with Renoise + Bidule… or just live without feedback when using Renoise.

I think Jonas is being sarcastic.

Yup, Bidule may solve the problem.
I know it can handle parameter feedback (which, by the way, I found out makes it a great app to use with AudioMulch’s Metasurface).

There! Now I have both parameter feedback and can record automation. Using BiduleVST, MIDI Yoke and MIDITrix.

Setting up the hardware synths and drum machines was pretty straight forward. I’m sending the Control Change messages to MIDI Yoke which goes to Bidule where I have mapped a switch to turn on and off the Feedback to BCR-2000. MIDITrix patches MIDI Yoke to the MIDI output and the hardware. I made Notes and CC as separate instruments. That way I can sent notes directly to the hardware and avoid latency. Any CC latency doesn’t matter as much I figure.

VSTi was harder work. Instr. Automation doesn’t send CC, so I added a correlative Instr. MIDI Control and used a bunch of Hydras to tie them together. Then I map MIDI controls to and automate the Hydras. No need to patch in MIDITrix tho.

I hope this can be of help if anyone else wants to give it a go. Let me know if you figure out a better way.

Edit: If this makes any sense, perhaps move the thread to Tips & Tricks and change the title… :P

I dont understand :confused:
I get feedback from my bcr2000 using Duplex.

But can you record your knob twiddling to Automation?

I was using some Reaktor ensembles where I had midi already memorized, and when I played notes and twisted pots, it all got recorded, on playback the pots were moving Reaktor…
Is that what you mean?