Bcr2000, Shruthi-1 & Renoise Midi Thru (??)

Evening all! I’m completely in love with Renoise and am going to register soon enough. Finally feel like I’ve found an intuitive DAW for computer music.

I’ve been working on integrating my setup pieces with Renoise and have hit a bump in the road… (I’m long winded, so prepare yourself ^_^ )

I’ve got a Shruthi-1 (simple monosynth with midi in), Audio Kontrol 1 (as a MIDI interface), BCR2000 (MIDI controller) and Renoise. This all draws on each, so bear with my rambling.

I have the AK1 wired up through USB and set as the Instrument MIDI Out in Renoise. AK1 midi Out to Shruthi-1 midi In. The BCR2000 is also wired up through USB (no midi cables used), set to “U3” (which is the suggested setting when interfacing with a computer, and seems to make the most sense for my setup).

Problem: I can not get the BCR2000 midi data routed out the AK1 to the Shruthi-1 with Renoise. I found CopperLan, and am able to route the midi though that, but when I open Renoise I get the “Failed to open the MME MIDI device” pop-up for the Audio Kontrol 1. Does Renoise have a MIDI Thru function/setting?

This isn’t a deal breaker, but just something that seems like it should be do-able. Not to start a DAW vs DAW debate, but in Reaper (the only other program I really know at all) I can essentially setup a midi Thru route for the BCR2K -> AK1 midi Out. It’s not perfect (I just jammed with it for 5 minutes and it seemed to spit out global CCs to 0 [waveform to none, filter to 0, ADSR values to very low/fast settings, etc] but that’s beyond my scope ATM). Again, not a deal breaker, but it’s something that’s just bugging the hell out of me.

Thanks in advance! Cheers.

“Failed to open Midi driver” means that your device is used by another software application.
If you want to route through, i would be roughly thinking of setting the AK1 as a midi out-instrument in one of the instruments and then use the BCR2000 signals either as generic through the midi in preferences or dedicated in the same instrument its midi in device and signal it to the instrument.
I’m not sure that will work, but there are a few things you can toy around with without using copperlan yet.

Thank you! Will give that a go.