Be Blazed...


:lol: is this video from 80s?

it sounds crazy but actually its not impossible to do something decent out of his rap :)

Finally a rapper I can relate to,
f**** eminem, average homeboy is my hero!

what the f****, this is terrible, but the video portion looks like it is so 80s, whereas in the intro he mentions cell phone and eminem. i’m thinking the intro probably isn’t the same guy as in the video.

if its 80s then its not that bad, except for the last part his rapping his not really bad for that time. there was no tricky style-switching and doubletime back then :)

actually as i read, the video IS made in 80s :) but it was posted by someone to the internet just recently in this year :)

it’s impossible for the intro to have been made in the 80’s because eminem didnt come out until the late 90’s


That is so bad, that it’s even good again :D

where did you hear eminem? :unsure: i didnt hear that anywhere

acutally i think eminem got inspiration from him!! cause he does sound like an eminem :) too bad Dr. Dre didnt get that tape before… :lol:

First i laughed, but then i realized I cannot even do what he does, I don’t have the equipment and the talent… and i live in 2006. hats of fot the production if he did it all by himself.

Another Blazin Hazen production… fo shizzles

Naw, fed up of him already. Saw his homepage, and I can honestly say I don’t want to hear a “professional” production from his self-absorbed ego.

looks like he has improved himself :) those are quite nice already :)…h&plindex=0…h&plindex=4

Yeah, if he continues like that he might actually be able to provoke his intestines to strangulate his brain a lá Douglas Adams! :lol:

I remember seeing this a year ago and honestly thought it was some made-up stuff for a humour-show. Turns out it isn’t. I recognize the Casio-drums in his track, hahahaha. :)

hahaha, gorgeous boy
found the full video here contains a nice interview with him. The Clip is actually 17 years old.