Be Free

I’ve had this idea for a song in my head for a long time, and finally got together with my brothers and we recorded it (all within renoise) just after Christmas.

It would be pretty hard to pigeon hole it to a style of music. In fact, I think I tried pretty hard to make sure it was the opposite of following any genre of music. It may have too many ideas in one, but then again, I suppose thats what I always do. =) I don’t know if it came out exactly as I pictured… but I’m pretty happy with it.

Check it out! =)

Yeah! Great step in the right dark pop direction!

Some more variation in the vocals would be even better. Some serious filtering of bass frequencies too are needed. But major points for putting acoustic sounds into electro using Renoise. Not enough of us are doing this.

Nice! In my little opinion this track is on the home stretch. I agree with Foo? with the vocal variations, but even if you decide to keep them simple and too the point, the track won’t suffer sonically, I like how you chopped them up.

Nice! But what I miss is some reverb on the beats (especially in the very beginning). Currently they don’t really fit the overall ambience of the song in the 1st half (imho).

Thanks for the feedback so far. I agree with the comments about more vocal variation.

Getting my brothers to sit still long enough and actually record multple takes was just about a lesson in pure impossibility.

The guitar playing is a bit sloppy too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to have them sit still and re-record the parts again. At some point in the future I may do another recording session with them and expand on the vocals, but for now… I consider it done. =)

In terms of the feedback with the first half not matching the last half - that was what I was going for. I kind of wanted to write a song that my dad would be like “this isn’t half bad…” and then bring in this huge techno part with complete abruptness for no reason other than to have two completely different genres of music packed into one song… =)