Beat slicing beatsync

So I am trying to Slice a drum loop for examples sake an amen. I want to sync it to the songs bpm so I activate the beatsync checkbox. I also disable the button above the waveform that would stop the samples from playing as they reach the next slice marker.
now I tap in some notes but the new slices arent beatsynced so I go to the sampler to check their boxes, however their duration is defaulted to last 16 pattern lines no matter where they are cut. I cant possibly manually think about how long the new slices are.

So how do I easily sync the new slices? it must be so obvious

I know I can use the slice sample command but, how can i trigger the sample at the right speed?


If you sliced the sample, no need for sync. just put the notes of the several slices on the right position into the pattern.

Maybe this helps you:

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in the video he is cutting out individual drum hits.
i want to trigger the sample with the slice marker as a starting point with the markers laid out in the keyzone but continuing to play at the synced speed set in the original sample

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Ah, ok. If i understand you right, you want to to have the song played/synced in the tempo of the sample, not the sample in the tempo of the song?

beatsyncing is helpful for keeping track of long samples across a song, not so much for small slices imo.

But, when you have synced a breakloop to the correct amount of lines, first press the T icon in the sample properties so the corresponding transpose and finetune values are calculated, then do any slicing. Now when you autoslice the break, the loopslices will have the same speed and pitch characteristics as the main loop.

Ofcourse when you’re automating the bpm in the song, the un-synced slices will no longer follow pitch. If you want to achieve this, make sure you cut out portions of the break that are syncable to an amount of pattern lines. Simply figure out the length from within the sample editor. You can set ruler type values and different snap settings.

@Jonas well I downloaded the 200 readiliy sliced breaks instruments that actually you posted in this thread Where can I find some good old school jungle samples??

how can i sync the slices bpm when i want them to continue playinng until the end when triggered

having trouble understanding the question. If you’d program these instrument slices in a phrase, then you can have the beats playing from a particular slice until the end. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Nijmegen I can show you :wink: , writing out in text will take to long.

I have made instrument packs for renoise that also feature breaks, I advice to check those as they feature different styles of usage, from slices to synced beatsections ro offsetcommand juggling etc. Not sure where to grab them right now as the download section is down.

open a new renoise song
set bpm to 140
load one of the readliy sliced beat instruments
sync the bpm of the original sample
press the button that when deactivated (it is acticated by default, top right above waveform) lets the samples play through until the end not just next marker
play root not (c4) original samples speed is adjusted according to how many beats you specified
play another not -> realize it is still same speed than before
-> want to beatsync
realize the default value for pattern lines is 16 on every sample so it sounds really weird and definetl not beatsynced

Would like to ask the similar question and I think this is the right thread for it :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering how could I sync the drumloop sample to the tempo without stretching?
Yes, if I sliced drumloop and, as Djeroek said, play it in Phrase Editor it will be synced to song tempo while not stretching in tone\playback speed, but the problem is it’s really really hard to match with Phrase Editor the same drum structure (if it not just straight trance loop).

For example, in old good iZotope Phatmatik there is a thing, it sliced a drumloop and then plays them evenly for song tempo set, just play the slices according to it’s position in original loop.

So I would like to ask and maybe there is the same question is there a possibility to make the same with sliced samples in Renoise?

You can do this easily. On a sliced drumloop choose the top sample which contains the slice markers. Then right click inside its waveform, then choose Slices > Render Slices to Phrase. You can adjust the settings for the Phrase render by right click > Slices > Render Slices Options. If you set these settings right, you can get the exact same structure of the original groove. Maybe you have to rearrange the one or other note manually, but this way you can do it.


Mastrcode, :scream: many thanks, man, it’s exactly what I was looking for soo long =O Works perfectly for faster tempos and could reveal very small artifacts with much lower tempos, but yes, it could easily fixed manually. Wohoo, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

but still i dont know how to let my slices continue to play at the right speed until the end

Ok, now i got what you mean. Yes that button lets the loop play until the end while playing different notes triggers from which slice the loop should start to play. Yes, this way it plays at different tempos by playing different notes than the root note when beatsynced. Beatsync mode was originally thought for unsliced samples i think. You have to use the phrase editor for what you want.
Use the method i explained to Inferman. And then in the phrase editor set the key tracking to offset. That’s all.

I can make an example instrument for you to see how it can be done, if you want.

I can totally agree on this topic. The renoise slicing action together with the sync (and pitchshift) options are lacking something.

Let’s think about a specific use case.

Say you’d have a loop, like 2 bars, and sync it to the song tempo, possibly using the new pitch shifter.

Then slice it into portions, so you can mess up and resequence the beat.

Now what happens, is that the slices don’t have the pitch shifter set, and don’t have the right syncing parameters. They sound totally different compared to the base sample.

I’d expect them to have the correct pitch shifting settings, derived from the base sample’s sync settings. As a bonus, mabye with an option to set new shifting settings per slice. But the slices should in any case by default reflect the stretching settings of the base sample. I cannot understand how such functionality could be overseen.

Ofc I can set new stretch settings per slice already, but this has two downsides, A) is it is extra Work, and B) is that the sync length options are too coarse to reflect fine differences between the slices, for example if it is a drum or percussion sample with some kind of “groove” going on inside of it. One way would be to expand the number of lines in the beatsync option to be able to accept fractionals, and calculate/extract the correct values from each slice’s length.

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yes this is exactly what I am talking about. I thought I was missing the obvious, as in other daws it is solved by just setting the speed of that main sample youre cutting

You can solve it by calling the original sample with the ‘s’ sample command but it just doesnt have the same feel and you cant really use it with the duplex sequencer.
I guess it also works when you set the songs bpm to that of the sample, but i dont always know the exact bpm.

Or the easy way: Select the sample from the Samples list on the left and activate Beatsync for each slice manually. The problem is the beatsync is only activated for the very sample you started with. When you start slicing, new samples, at least in the list view, are being created. The sample propertie how ever (where Beatsync is located) are not autmatically being taken over to the new slice/sample.

You have understood my issue
Maybe @taktik would be up for a feature request?